Running Free in 2023!

Iqraa’s 2022 running campaign had 7 runners completing races such as the Marine Corps Marathon, Parks Half-Marathon, and Pleasant Landing Triathlon. We raised $27,693 for university scholarships in Palestine. Our aim for 2023 is to recruit 20 Iqraa runners to wear our red jersey and to raise $30,000 for education in Palestine.

Iqraa’s characteristics are our focus on positive, constructive contributions to the development of Palestinian intellectual capital, our secular and non-political approach to awareness-raising, the diverse background of our runners, including men and women from multiple ethnic and faith traditions, and the camaraderie we build while Running for a Brighter Palestine. Iqraa has been active in the DC metro area since 2008, partnering each year with United Palestinian Appeal (UPA), through its Mahmoud Darwish Scholarship Fund, and with Marathon Charity Cooperation (MCC), which oversees the training program for our runners. Iqraa runners and volunteers participate in these partnerships through our running and fundraising, by hosting and coaching the training runs, as well as by staffing the aid stations at local running races during the year. As a result, joining Iqraa is a great opportunity to grow stronger, in physical fitness, in contributions to society, and in friendships.

We’re planning information sessions in mid April via Zoom hosted by UPA so you can learn about our program and register if you’re interested.  The UPA address is 1330 New Hampshire Ave, NW, Washington DC 20036 and contact us via this webpage if interested. Join us to reach our common goals: fitness through running and contributing to a great cause!

We’ve trained dozens of Iqraa runners to complete their races and raised over $370,000 since 2008. Become one of our 2023 runners by signing up at an information sessions in April or contacting our Coordinator, Kirk, at:

To contribute to our effort, click on this link at the UPA website, select Support Iqraa, and then Donate Now or scroll down to an individual runner’s fundraising page: Get Involved – United Palestinian Appeal (