How does Team Iqraa prepare its runners?

Team Iqraa participates in comprehensive training supervised by experienced coaches from the Marathon Charity Cooperation (MCC), a network of like-minded charities. Whether you run a full or half-marathon or some other distance, our training plan will boost you to your individual goals.

Benefits include:
• Five month (Jun-Oct) training program
• New friends to run with during our long Saturday morning run
• Numerous seminars on such topics as yoga, nutrition, equipment, and injury prevention
• Training on a variety of easily accessible scenic trails in the DC metro area
• A program emphasis on the balance between appropriate mileage and recovery time
• Practice races and nutritional support

What does Iqraa  raise money for?


Funds raised by Iqraa are for the Mahmoud Darwish university scholarship program run by United Palestinian Appeal in Palestine. Since 1986, UPA has helped more than 2,500 Palestinian students realize their dream of higher education. UPA awards scholarships to students demonstrating academic excellence, financial need and a desire to give back to their community and nation. Scholarships cover a large portion of a student’s tuition costs at partner universities in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jordan. UPA commits to funding each student through the duration of his or her degree program as long as the student continues to meet a required minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.


“I am studying Business and Economics and I hope to find a secure job in a trading company. I am also interested in Arabic/English translation.” Ronza

By assisting students attending local universities, UPA seeks to buttress Palestinian higher education and encourage the development of an independent, sustainable Palestinian economy.  Every $1,000 we raise provides a year of university education for a young Palestinian.


“I am happy to study jewelry making. It has always been my hobby and UPA helped make it a profession. My training will help me participate in expanding my family business.” Yazan

How do Iqraa runners raise this money?

Runners seek donations and initiate fund-raising events; earn credit for volunteering at local races sponsored by Marathon Charity Cooperation; and make direct contributions. All contributions go to UPA as Iqraa designated funds, meaning they will be use only for education projects Iqraa supports. Each half-marathon runner commits to raising at least $600; each marathon runner commits to raising at least $800; and each 5K runner commites to raising at least $300.

Can non-runners volunteer with Iqraa?

Yes! Iqraa can always use more volunteers. Our volunteers staff aid stations at training runs and help at races organized by Marathon Charity Cooperation, which then provides credit for the number of hours served. MCC then transforms these credit hours into funds (based on an hourly rate) that it contributes directly to UPA for the scholarship program.

How can I learn more about running with Iqraa this upcoming season?

We’re planning information sessions in April via Zoom, hosted by UPA.  The UPA address is 1330 New Hampshire Ave, NW, Washington DC 20036.

Join us to reach your goals (and ours): fitness through running and contributing to a great cause! We’ve trained dozens of Iqraa runners to complete their races and raised over $370,000 since 2008. Become one of our 2023 runners by signing up at one of the information sessions in April, or by emailing us at:


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